Egyptian Mythology A to Z by Pat Remler

By Pat Remler


Egypt's myths are one of the earliest within the historic international. From the legend of Osiris and Isis to the publication of the lifeless, Egyptian Mythology A to Z, 3rd variation brings to lifestyles the attention-grabbing international of Egyptian mythology and spiritual ideals for younger readers. integrated is assurance of issues comparable to pyramids, the cult of the king, human sacrifice, and the numerous gods and mythical figures that make up Egyptian mythology. With its specialize in Egyptian gods and goddesses and the connection among Egyptian myths and the later Greek and Roman mythology, this name is an invaluable reference for college kids with an curiosity in mythological stories. This re-creation now gains full-color photos and illustrations.

Coverage includes:

Gods, goddesses, and mythical figures
Pyramids and the cult of the king
The courting among Egyptian myths and Greek and Roman mythology.

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Worshipped Ashtoreth, the Queen of Heaven. In the following Old Testa- 22 astronomical gods ment references to Ashtoreth, we can see that for a time her cult was popular among the Hebrews. And they forsook the Lord and worshipped Baal and Ashtoreth. Judges 2:13 And the People did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, forgetting the Lord their God, and served the Baals and the Ashtoreths. Judges 3:7 Samuel spake unto the house of Israel, saying if ye do not return unto the Lord with all your hearts, and put away the strange gods and Ashtoreth from among you and prepare your hearts unto the Lord and serve him only, he will deliver you from the hands of the Philistines.

Because the cat was sacred to Bastet, they left bronze statues, amulets, and mummified cats. Thousands of cat mummies have been discovered in underground crypts at the site of Bastet’s temple in Bubastis. c. Bat has a human head and the ears and horns of a cow. She was rarely shown in Egyptian art, but when she was, her body was in the shape of the menat, the counterpoise for a necklace that was shaped like a keyhole. Egyptian necklaces were often large and heavy, so to keep them in place a counterpoise would hang down the wearer’s back for balance.

Other myths claim that the Benu emerged from a burning Persea tree in Heliopolis or sprang from the heart of Osiris. The Benu was believed to be the incarnation of Re, for at the dawn of creation, the Benu rested on the first bit of dry land as it emerged from the waters of chaos and, by so doing, symbolized the sun’s rays touching the first earth mound (see benben). ” Seemingly, like Re, the Benu was thought to have created itself. The name Benu derives from the Egyptian word weben “to rise,” and the Benu may have been the basis of the Greek phoenix bird that rose from its own ashes.

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