Dispatches for the New York Tribune: Selected Journalism of by Karl Marx

By Karl Marx

A compelling, wide-ranging choice of Karl Marx's journalism-available merely from Penguin Classics

Karl Marx is arguably the main well-known political thinker of all time, yet he was once additionally one of many nice overseas correspondents of the 19th century. Drawing on his 11- yr tenure on the long island Tribune (which all started in 1852), this thoroughly new assortment provides Marx's writings on an abundance of themes, from problems with category and country to international affairs. really relocating items spotlight social inequality and hunger in Britain, whereas others discover his groundbreaking perspectives at the slave and opium trades. all through, Marx's clean viewpoint on nineteenth-century occasions finds a social realization that is still inspiring to today.

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Admiral Seymour now makes a clean breast of it, declaring 1at he does not care for the convention of Mr. Bonham: Your Excellency's reply refers me to the notification of the British Plenipotentiary of I 849, prohibiting foreigners from entering Canton. Now, I must remind you that, although we have indeed serious matter of complaint against the Chinese Government for breach of the promise given in I 84 7 to admit foreigners into Canton at the end of two years, my demand now made is in no way connected with former negotiations on the same subject, neither am I demanding admission of any but the foreign officials, and this only for the simple and sufficient reason above assigned.

While the semi-barbarian stood on the principle of morality, the civilized opposed the principle of pelf. That a giant empire, containing almost one-third of the human race, vegetating to the teeth of time, insulated by the forced exclusion of general intercourse, and thus contriving to dupe itself with delusions of Celestial perfection that such an empire should at last be overtaken by the fate on occasion of a deadly duel, in which the representative of the antiquated world appears prompted by ethical motives, while the representative of overwhelming modern society fights for the privilege of buy­ ing in the cheapest and selling in the dearest markets this, indeed, is a sort of tragical couplet, stranger than any poet would ever have dared to fancy.

But this did not suit the bellicose repre sentative of British power in the East. Upon the grounds thus briefly stated and the official accou nts now before the people of England fully bear out the statement this most unrighteous war has been waged. " The British Government and the British people at least, those who have chosen to examine the ques­ tion know how false and hollow are such charges. An attempt has been made to divert investigation from the main issue, and to impress the public mind with the idea that a long series of injuries, preceding the case of the lorcha Arrow, form of themselves a sufficient casus belli.

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