Research in Lower Egypt by Donald B. Redford

By Donald B. Redford

It is a new sequence reporting on paintings conducted by means of Pennsylvania nation college within the Delta area of Egypt.

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Section through First Pylon. Immediately west of the central axis, showing foundation sand intruded upon by the pits of Naville. PLATE 2. Block from east massif, First Pylon, showing part of the text of Merenptah. PLATE 3. Unit AK-AA facing south, showing the central part of the temple. ]) appears in the middle ground, and the oval depression of the first foundation deposit in the foreground, left. PLATE 4. Unit AK-FF facing south-west. The sand-filled foundation trench reflects the line of the wall of a gate at the east end of the Second Pylon, leading into the forecourt from the east.

PLATE 13. Fragment of quartzite dado showing alternating cartouches of Hakoris; central temple. PLATE 14. Quartzite fragment with part of the Horus-name (3-ib) and prenomen of Hakoris; rear of central temple, east side. PLATE 15. Fragment of quartzite dado, showing alternative cartouches surmounting nb-signs; rear Of central temple, west side. PLATE 16. Fragment of quartzite with nomen of Hako[ris]; central temple, east side. PLATE 17. Fragment of quartzite with [ḥtp]-di-n[sw]; rear of temple, west side.

38 In the debris-fill of loci 7–1039 of AR-A I, a diorite statue of Philip Arrhidaeus was uncovered (pl. 40 The figure of the king is shown kneeling and proferring an offering table, clad in a pleated kilt and wearing a nemes-headdress. Both head and offering table had been knocked off in antiquity and are now missing. 8 cm; length of surviving part of text on back-pillar 70 cm. The text (Fig. 43 That a statue of Philip Arrhidaeus once stood in the temple at Mendes is of more than passing interest.

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