Dambusters by Clive Rowley

By Clive Rowley

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When not flown by him it was flown by other 25th FIS pilots, including U Shuman Black, seen here, who was killed in action during his 99th combat mission in Korea. Uohn Dawson) 30 Commander of the 51st FIW was Col Dregne, whose aircraft displayed the same schizophrenic tendencies as did many Wing Commanders' aircraft. The nose markings were applied in blue, the colours of the 16th FlS, while the tail bore the red fin stripes of the 25th 31 Ab ove Lt Fredkin and his 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron RF-80.

Sizutf) 46 My Besf Beff was the personal aircraft of 2nd U Bernard Vise, a pi lot of the 16th FIS. The black chequers on the tail were the Wing marking oF the 51st FIW, while the squadrons added a narrow coloured band above the chequers: blue for the 16th FIS, red for the 25th, and yellow for the 39th. Japanese-made fuel tanks had very different separation characteristics when jettisoned, and were painted olive drab so that pilots would know immediately which type they were carrying. (Vise) 47 Ab ove Third Sabre Wing to form was the 18th FBW, a long-time Mustang operator, which converted from its ageing prop-driven fighters to F-86Fs in January 1953, after moving from K-46 (Hoengsong) to K-55 (Osan), a brand new airfield.

Sandra of the 12th FBS was flown by Capt John Jamieson. (Ke11 Smith) 48 49 Above left This aircraft, named Hard's Homef was flown by U Robert Hard of the 67th FBS from Osan and carried nose art and its name on the port side. The squadron' s 'Fighting Cock' badge, complete with boxing gloves, was carried on both sides under the cockpit. The F-86F was an excellent fighter bomber, since although it carried a smaller load than the F-84, over a shorter distance, it could deal with the MiG-15 without needing an escort.

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