Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Monocyclic Azepines:

The latest quantity within the prestigious sequence The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, this paintings covers synthesis, reactions, homes, constitution, actual chemistry and application of monocyclic azepines.Content:
Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–8):
Chapter 2 Azepanes (Hexahydroazepines) (pages 9–116):
Chapter three Azepanones (pages 117–250):
Chapter four Azepanediones (pages 251–287):
Chapter five Tetrahydroazepines (pages 288–358):
Chapter 6 Tetrahydroazepinones (pages 359–402):
Chapter 7 Tetrahydroazepinediones (pages 403–411):
Chapter eight Dihydroazepines (pages 412–448):
Chapter nine Dihydroazepinones (pages 449–480):
Chapter 10 Dihydroazepinediones (pages 481–486):
Chapter eleven Azepines (pages 487–591):
Chapter 12 Azepinones (pages 592–606):

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2-Alkenylazepanes have proved useful for annulation of other rings on to the azepane. 6 a variant of the latter14' gave 160. 'O6Meldrum's acid derivatives (119) have proved very useful. '46Furthermore, pyrolysis of Meldrum's acid derivative 119 (R = H) in the presence of alcohols, ethanethiol and diethylamine yielded other alkenylazepanes [l14,R = X = H, Y = C02R, COSCzHs, C O N ( C ~ H S ) ~ ] . 99 Isothiazolo[2,3-a]azpines (165,R = Ph, OC2Hs)were s h o ~ n ' ~ ~ to*arise '~' when isothiocyanate adducts (114,R = H, X = NOz, Y = CSNHCOR) were (165) (166) (167) treated with bromine in chloroform or acetic acid.

P. p. p. 34 Picrate 105-109 Spectroscopic evidence/data Ref. p. p. p. 9487, IR Ref. p. p. ("C) Spectroscopic evidence/data n g 1 S360 16513 Ref. p. p. p. (“C) Spectroscopic evidence/data Ref. p. p. p. ("C) Spectroscopic evidenceldata Ref. p. p. p. (“C) Spectroscopic evidencc/data Ref. p. p. p. 5076 86/5 Ref. p. p. p. ("C) Spectroscopic evidence/data Ref. 18 I MS CH2CH2Ph CH / \ C H j Ph 0 I R CH3 CH3 9 161 42 Monocyclic Azepines Table 2. p. p. p. 4588 ‘HNMR ‘HNMR, IR claimed CZHS Ref. p. p. p. ("C) Spectroscopic evidence/data Ref.

P. p. p. ("C) Spectroscopic evidenceIdafa Ref. 4775.

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