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Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo

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Silence. "Ollie, we've come to help," Charlie explained. " Emma and Charlie waited. There was a soft creak. A key turned in the lock. Charlie pulled the door and it swung inward. There was no one in the passage outside. The two children stepped out. They squinted down the shadowy passage, searching for a door, a recess, any place where someone could be hiding. Emma's foot touched an empty jar and it rolled away filling the passage with a loud rumble. When the jar finally came to rest, faint footfalls could be heard receding into the distance.

Homework began in silence. Above the door the Red King stared out from his portrait. The cracked and ancient painting always raised Charlie's spirits. But he'd never managed to hear the King's voice. Sometimes he caught a low muttering, sometimes a creak and the swish of a cloak, but then a shadow would fall behind the King, like a dark stain on the canvas: a hooded figure that chilled the blood just to look at it. And Charlie knew that the sinister shadow was blocking his contact with the King.

Some big house at the end of one of those creepy alleys," said Maisie. "Darkly Wynd, I think the road's called. Funny name. " "Nor me," said Maisie. " She handed him a bowl of leftovers. "Here, take this to Runner. I don't know how long we're going to be able to keep this up. Grandma Bone's bound to smell a rat, you know" "As long as it's not a dog," said Charlie, trying to make light of the problem. Maisie just shook her head. On Sunday Charlie managed to sneak Runner Bean in and out of the house before Grandma Bone woke up.

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