Character and Symbol in Shakespeare’s Plays: A Study of by Honor Matthews

By Honor Matthews

First released in 1962, Matthews' examine examines the symbolic parts which repeatedly recur in Shakespeare's performs. The booklet specializes in the conventional fabric from medieval and sixteenth-century drama which turns out to were found in Shakespeare's brain as he labored, and which, Matthews argues, encouraged major subject matters which resonate through the performs. Divided into 3 elements, the publication addresses in flip the concept that of sin, the competition of justice and mercy and the desire of redemption. Matthews investigates those motifs and their forex in Elizabethan England, and strains their presence in Shakespeare's created worlds with unique connection with a variety of the performs. information of them offers fruitful avenues for the translation of the performs, and sheds mild on Shakespeare's reasons and techniques.

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Stop all sight-holes, every loop from whence The eye of reason may pry in upon us: This absence of your father's draws a curtain, That shows the ignorant a kind of fear Before not dreamt of. ' .. , v, 51-5 The extreme vividness and superficial incongruity of the images of the peepholes in the blanket and the curtain hanging limply from its rings show that for Shakespeare the association of hanging drapery with secret evil must have been very strong and reinforces the suggestion that in Worcester's words the rebels themselves are made to suggest the wrongness of their action.

The affliction of these terrible dreams That shake us nightly. in, ii, 18-19 It is a shrewd touch that Edmund, the young man, still finding satisfaction in the flesh, apparently slept well. Both Richard and Macbeth are finally lost because their isolation brings them into the sin of despair. Richard says: . . I am in So far in blood that sin will pluck on sin: Richard III, iv, ii, 64-5 and later: All several sins, all used in each degree, Throng to the bar, crying all, Guilty! guilty! I shall despair.

At length he asked him what he was. The image answered him: I am thy ill angel, Brutus, Life of Brutus and thou shalt see me by the city of Phillippes. 1 A similar resonance sounds when Antony voices the revenge motif in his lament over Caesar's body: And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge, With Ate by his side come hot from hell, Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war. in, i, 270-3 The ghost of Caesar with Ate by his side might well have been a figure in an Induction similar to that of The Spanish Tragedy, and it will be shown that the design of the 'revenge' play was itself symbolic of the working of the divine justice, which, in the person of the avenger, waited until the wicked man made the trap into which he blindly walked.

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