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Categories and Logic in Duns Scotus: An Interpretation of by Georgio Pini

By Georgio Pini

This quantity offers with 13th-century interpretations of Aristotle's "Categories", delivering whilst an advent to a couple major subject matters of medieval philosophical good judgment. The final chapters offer a scientific creation to Scotus's observation on Aristotle's treatise.

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CATEGORIES AND LOGIC IN THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY 37 prisingly, his solution i s strongly influenced by Boethius. Categories are studied in Aristotle's Categories as the ten most universal terms signifying the ten kinds of extramental things. Considered as signi­ fying something, categorial terms act as predicates or subjects in sentences. So far, Sutton's solution does not seem to be different from Kil­ wardby's and Albert's solutions, but Sutton adds a reference to second intentions absent in his predecessors.

Grignaschi, "Les traductions 1atines des ou­ vrages de la logique arabe et l'ahrege d'Alfarabi," Archives d'histoire doctrinale et litttraire du Moyen Age 39 ( 1972): 41-107; Maieril, "Influenze arabe e discussioni sulla natura della logica presso i 1atini fra XIII e XIV seco10," in La diJfosione delle scitn�e islamiche net media eva eurepeo (Rama: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 1 987). 243�67. 1 8 Hoffmann, "Categories et iangage," 78-8 1 ; A. C. Loyd, The Anatomy oj Neopla­ tonism (Oxford: Clarendon Press), 36-4 1 ; A.

Fonti e Hnee di teodenza," in L'insegnamento della logiea a Bologna nel XIV seeolo, ed. D. Buzzetti, M. Ferriani, and A. Tabarroni (Bologna: Istituto per la storia dell'Univer­ sita, 1 992), 293-3 1 7 . Lambertini focuses on Bolognese authors, but his remarks are extremely useful to grasp the whole debate between Brito and his supporters on the one hand and Hervaeus Natalis on the other. See also D. Peder, "Peter Auriol vs. Hervaeus Natalis on Intentionality. A text with Introductory Remarks," Archives d'his­ tom doetn'nal< e/ littiraire du M

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