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Candle by John Barnes

By John Barnes

Currie Culver is ready fifty-five years previous, in stable health and wellbeing, residing in a comfy retirement within the Rockies together with his spouse. within the wake of the Meme Wars that swept the planet generations sooner than, Currie, his spouse, and virtually everybody on the earth have of their minds a duplicate of 1 actual, software program that provides its hosts restricted telepathy and instills a type of normal cooperation.In his more youthful days, Currie hunted "comboys"--people who had unplugged from the worldwide web with a view to stay away from One actual, and who concealed in desolate tract components, surviving by means of raiding the outposts of civilization. Now Currie is termed again into provider to seize the final comboy nonetheless at huge, a guy who calls himself Lobo. along with his excessive tech gear, completely plugged into the worldwide web, Currie units out to deliver Lobo in.Instead, Lobo captures Currie, and manages to deprogram him. Thrown again at the assets of his personal intelligence, braveness, and knowledge for the 1st time in twenty-five years, Currie unearths himself in a conflict of minds along with his captor . . . with effects that would switch the lives of every body on Earth.In the easiest culture of John W. Campbell and Robert A. Heinlein, Candle is a unique approximately individualism and society that would depart readers breathless, arguing, and critical extra.

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However, because Lobo had not been in much of a hurry, he hadn't dropped anything or torn anything off his clothes, or broken any branches. Unlike so many pursuits I'd been on, he wasn't bleeding, either. I pushed my way over the next ridgeline without stopping, exulting in the chill taste of the thin air and the thunder of blood in my ears, but when I got to where I could see what came next, I was somewhere between muttering and swearing. It hadn't been especially visible from the satellites, being long and thin and rimmed with trees, but I was looking right at an old rockslide, and that was just where the few tracks I could see led.

It was the essence of a hero to be at or beyond the human boundary; it was the essence of a role model to be well within it, to be something that a human being could reasonably aspire to be. And finally, at our point in history, there were no heroes anymore, and there were no role models, but there was what I was—for which there didn't need to be a word, because, though we cowboy hunters and other people who did dangerous, individual jobs, were useful, we were no longer important. One True could draw pieces from any of the vast number of its component Resunas and individual psyches, all over the Earth.

Once I got down there, I'd just follow the old road back to a point near my camp. That would be mostly uphill and should take the rest of the afternoon, especially if it snowed more or the wind picked up. If I found nothing, no harm done—the odds had been against it anyway—and I would then just herringbone up the hill to my camp, get home just before dark, and turn in early that evening for a fresh start after the bad weather blew over. But maybe Lobo used the old road down below regularly, and watched it.

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