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By the Monkey's Tail (Telares Trilogy) by Kerrie O'Connor

By Kerrie O'Connor

The escapades of Lucy, Ricardo, and their Telarian pals proceed during this exciting sequel to the preferred in the course of the Tiger’s Eye. Featuring magical realism components, the radical once more reunites the younger pals, this time to outwit the warriors who're oppressing civilians in the fantasy global of Telares. The feisty younger protagonists conflict an underground river, participate in a determined chase, and test a bold rescue mission. A dramatic mixture of mind's eye, pleasure, and humor, this novel additionally touches on very important matters comparable to political repression and baby hard work.

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Rahel was too excited to stop. ‘And we have factories, underground. We have generators to make electricity. ’ She put out a foot, clad in a sandal that looked as though it was woven from black plastic. ‘Manufactured from old car tyres,’ she said proudly. ‘But the best thing is the hospital. Our doctors and nurses operate underground! They have saved many lives. ’ Carlos looked a little embarrassed, so Lucy tried to change the subject. ‘But where do you get everything you need? ’ said Lucy and Ricardo together, for entirely different reasons.

You should have taken me with you and looked after me. So it was your fault. ’ For once, Lucy was speechless. The worst thing was, she knew he was right about one thing. Short of tying him up, she couldn’t stop him going into Telares. She looked about for some rope. Ricardo wasn’t always silly. ’ Lucy looked him full in the eye. ’ ‘I promise I’ll . . ’ ‘SHHH! ’ ‘I promise I’ll do whatever I say . ’ ‘You’d better! ’ Janella nodded and Lucy took a step into the Telarian afternoon. This time Ricardo wasn’t ready.

Yes, there it was again. Stealthy footsteps, behind. Someone was sneaking up! Lucy cursed herself for losing concentration. She wasn’t in Kurrawong now. What was the point of having snake sense if you didn’t use it? But it was too late for self-recrimination. The shudder became a quake – and a brown-shirted figure hurtled from the undergrowth. The Bull Commander, once again in command of himself! ’ They took off, the rug forgotten, as the Bull Commander raised his gun. But brave T-Tongue flew like a black avenger at the foe.

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