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British Friends of the American Revolution by Jerome R. Reich

By Jerome R. Reich

This quantity profiles a dozen British women and men, who, for various purposes, adversarial the coverage of the British executive in the direction of its thirteen colonies sooner than and through the yank Revolution. Their activities helped organize the best way for the popularity of the us as an self sustaining kingdom.

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Stamp duties had been in effect in England continuously since the reign of William III and had been suggested for America numerous times (most recently during the Seven Years’ War) before Grenville proposed it in 1764. The vehemence of colonial protest against such a tax confirmed Grenville’s view of the necessity of passing a Stamp Act bill. It was no longer only a matter of raising a revenue; it was now a test of Parliament’s authority to levy a tax, even an internal tax, on its colonies. During the opening debate on the measure, twelve members of the House of Commons spoke against the Stamp Act but most of them opposed it only on the grounds of political inexpediency.

3—dc21 97-14520 CIP ISBN 13: 9780765600745(pbk) ISBN 13: 9780765600738(h bk) To my son Michael whose commitment and insight have been indispensable at all stages in the production of this volume. Contents 1. The Stage and the Players 2. Governor Pownall, Dean Tucker, and Major John Cartwright: Practical Idealists or Wishful Thinkers? 3. Pitt, Burke, and American Policy, 1763–1770 4. “Birds of a Feather”: John Wilkes and John Horne Tooke 5. The “Honest Whigs” 6. The Coercive Acts and Their Opponents: A Study in Futility 7.

Birds of a Feather”: John Wilkes and John Horne Tooke 5. The “Honest Whigs” 6. The Coercive Acts and Their Opponents: A Study in Futility 7. A Dire Prediction 8. The House of Lords 9. Richard Price: Apostle of Liberty 10. The Single Legal Victim of the American Revolution 11. Dean Tucker: He Told Them So! 12. Governor Pownall Fights to the Finish 13. David Hartley: Amateur Diplomat 14. Charles James Fox: The Life of the Party 15. “Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace” 16. Summary and Conclusions Bibliography Index British Friends of the American Revolution 1 The Stage and the Players “Let our patriots [italics mine] therefore, if they would arrive at eminence by their conduct, go over to America, and demand the confidence of the colonies.

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