Book review: Deciphering Capital: Marx’s Capital and Its by Graeme Kirkpatrick

By Graeme Kirkpatrick

Graeme Kirkpatrick's e-book evaluation of Alex Callinicos' "Deciphering Capital: Marx’s Capital and Its Destiny."

From Thesis 11, 2016, Vol. 133(1) 130–136

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A. (1953) 'The Ruling Bureaucracy of Oriental Despotism', Review of Politics, July. Historical-Materialist Science 2 Historical-Materialist Science, Crisis and Commitment JOSEPH FRACCHIA and CHEYNEY RYAN Paul De M~nn has. su~gested that the rhetoric of 'crisis' plays a central role In constitutmg the modernist viewpoint. For some time it has been a characteristic of our intellectual life that people are constantly announcing 'crises', 'crises' which are claimed to be harbingers of the 'end'. In the twentieth century, this rhetoric seems to be associated with a certain cataclysmic consciousness associated wi~h developments in late capitalism.

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