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Eyes and No Eyes 4 Birds of the Air by Arabella B. Buckley

By Arabella B. Buckley

Fourth quantity within the "Eyes and No Eyes" sequence, introduces the younger reader to chook lifestyles, starting with birds of domestic and backyard and finishing with water birds and birds of prey. young ones how one can determine birds, why birds sing songs, how they construct nests, lay eggs, and lift their younger, the place they sleep, and the way they feed in summer time, migrate in autumn, and live to tell the tale the wintry weather. 8 colour illustrations and various black and white drawings supplement the textual content. appropriate for a long time eight and up.

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Close to the house you are sure to see a House Sparrow picking up scraps in the yard and eating the caterpillars and red spiders on the gooseberry bushes in the kitchen garden. For the sparrow is not dainty. He will eat most things, from a grain of wheat to a scrap of meat. In the kitchen garden, too, you may see the Chaffinch breaking the husks of seeds with his sharp little beak. He is not particular whether he takes them from the weeds, or from the beds of radishes or turnips which we have sown.

Linnets feed in big flocks in the winter. You may see them in the evening dropping down among the gorse and other bushes to sleep. It is sad that both the goldfinch and the linnet are caught and sold to sing in cages. This is why we have not nearly so many in England as we used to have. I hope you will look out for the Nuthatch, a little bird with a short black beak, a blue-grey back and wings, and a pale yellow breast, shaded with red. He is often seen in orchards and gardens in the autumn, when the nuts are ripe.

But he does us more good than harm, for he destroys a great deal of groundsel and chickweed. Out in the fields the little brown Lark, which has been singing in the sky, drops down to hunt for seeds in the furrows turned up by the plough. In the rickyard I can see several little Finches, the greenfinch and the yellowhammer, picking up the grains of corn. All these birds feed usually on grain, and have short sharp beaks which will split the husks, though they sometimes eat insects and feed their young ones on them.

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