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Biological Waste Treatment by W. W. Eckenfelder and D. J. O'Connor (Auth.)

By W. W. Eckenfelder and D. J. O'Connor (Auth.)

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Per hour. In some cases the utilization rate may be expressed in other forms. Some of the more common are listed below. m. Ο2/Ι1Γ kr ==•= mg 0 2 /hr/g sludge QQ^ R= ml/02 hr/g sludge (I ml of 0 2 contains 1-43 mg 0 2 ) A linear relationship will exist between sludge concentration and oxygen utilization over the range of sludge concentrations usually employed. ) the unit rate of oxygen utilization may decrease due to diffusional resistances (Dawson and Jenkins, 1949). In most cases the specific uptake rate (kT) will vary inversely with organism size.

0 1 . . 01 1 . . I . . 1 . . I , . 1 , , ι I ι ι 0-6 07 0-Θ lb of 5-day BOD removed/day per lb of *kxJge under aeration 02 03 OA 05 ι I ι 0-9 ι ι I 10 FIG. 2-9. Relationship between oxygen utilization and BOD removal. b\ represents the endogenous respiration rate. Data from a plant treating pulp and paper mill wastes are shown in Fig. 2-9. In a variety of industrial waste oxidation systems the coefficient a has been found to vary from 0-35-0-55. In order to complete a material balance with sludge growth according to Equation (2-2) a must be converted to terms of ultimate BOD.

The initial removal of BOD occurs in 1-20 min. These data can be obtained by contacting waste and sludge at various loading levels for a predetermined period (usually 15 min) and computing absorption less oxidation and synthesis or by extrapolation of growth data plotted in terms of BÖD. The initial removal of BOD is of considerable importance in biological waste treatment since it establishes minimum structural requirements. In domestic sewage treatment, as much as 90 per cent BOD removal has been attained through the initial removal reaction.

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