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Basic butchering of livestock & game by John J. Mettler

By John J. Mettler

This consultant takes the secret out of butchering, overlaying every thing you want to understand to provide your personal professional cuts of red meat, venison, beef, lamb, chicken, and small video game. John J. Mettler Jr. presents easy-to-follow directions that stroll you thru each step of the slaughtering and butchering method, in addition to lots of recommendation on every little thing from the right way to gown online game in a box to salting, smoking, and curing suggestions. You’ll quickly be having fun with the satisfyingly greater flavors that include butchering your individual meat. 

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Working on the hindquarter, make one long cut to remove the flank. Vary the distance from the eye of the loin to govern the size of the tail on the Sirloin Steaks. This cut makes delicious London Broil. CHAPTER 2. BEEF 31 aitchbone (pelvis) round rump Figure 2-15C. On the remainder of the hindquarter, make a cut parallel to, and about 1 inch from, the aitchbone (pelvis), and separate the rump from the round. long bone Figure 2-15D. Make two cuts to the long bone of the round, from the stifle or knee joint to the cut in figure 2-15C.

Remove the tongue and put it in a clean enamel pot or hang it to cool. While the hog is still on the platform, or after hanging, split it between the hams, first with a knife, trying to find the division between the two sides of the pelvic bone. If the hog is older and you can’t split the bone with a knife, use the saw, but be careful not to puncture the bladder. If the hog is a barrow (castrated male), loosen the penis, letting it hang to be removed with the bung. To loosen the bung, cut around the anus from behind.

Use your left hand to pull the intestines down and out, and with the knife in your right hand (if you are right-handed), cut the intestines loose from their attachments. 48 CHAPTER 3. HOGS Splitting and Butchering The carcass will cool faster if split now. This may be done by hand or with an electric power saw if you have access to one. Simply split the backbone from the tail to, and including, the head and through the snout (figure 3-10). This will expose the brain, which is edible, so that it can be easily removed.

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