Atom, Molecule, and Cluster Beams II: Cluster Beams, Fast by Hans Pauly

By Hans Pauly

This booklet completes the actual foundations and experimental ideas defined in quantity 1 with an up to date overview of the accent apparatus imperative in molecular beam experiments. It extends the topic to cluster beams and beams of hyperthermal and subthermal energies. As in quantity 1, a distinct attempt is made to stipulate the actual foundations of some of the experimental options. for this reason this booklet is meant not just as a reference usual for researchers within the box, but additionally to convey the flavour of present molecular beam study to complex undergraduates and graduate scholars and to let them to achieve a superior historical past within the box and its technique.

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Perpendicular to the plasma beam, the reflected neutra! beam is directed across the magnetic field, and thus the field keeps charged particles away from the neutral beam direction. The atomic beam passes through a system of apertures (baffle) through the differential pumping stage and fmally enters the beam utilization chamber. The neutralization efficiency depends upon the exact species of the incident particles and surface atoms, their relative masses and the strength of the interatomic forces acting between them, and upon the condition of the surface with respect to roughness and irnpurities or heterogeneity.

At higher (300 torr) and lower pressures (< 20 torr), the speed distributions become broader. A similar source has been described by Fahey et al. (1978). Under certain operation conditions they were able to produce fast neutral helium atorns with intensities of 10 15 atorns/s sr and a mean energy of 800 eV. Pulsed corona discharges, which yield a thermal energy and a fast beam (heliwn atoms of 190 eV) component, have also been investigated [Lo et al. (1997)]. The high energy, the polarity of the electrodes, and the pressure dependence of the fast beam signal indicate that charge exchange processes play an important rolt: in the fast neutral particle production.

In the case of hydrogen gas, the discharge is commonly started in pure argon, since it proved to be rather difficult to ignite a discharge in pure bydrogen. Then the feed gas is cbanged to an argonlhydrogen mixture with increasing fraction of hydrogen, and after a few minutes, the gas mixture is changed to pure hydrogen [Way et al. (1976), Gotting (1985)]. Meanwhile it bas been demonstrated, however, that a hydrogen discharge can also be directly ignited in pure hydrogen [Samano et al. (1993)], starting with a glow discharge at low pressures.

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