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Atlas of World History (Concise Edition) by Patrick O'Brien

By Patrick O'Brien

This article documents the background of human society during the global, from prehistory to the 12 months 2002, in 450 particularly commissioned color maps, two hundred illustrations, tables and diagrams, and 200,000 phrases. It intends to move past the normal specialise in ecu and American political background to provide around the world assurance of socio-economic, cultural, and non secular issues. Due weight is given to areas corresponding to primary and South the US, Africa, Asia and Oceania. equipped into 5 major elements: the traditional international (human origins to c.AD 500), the medieval global (c.500-1500), the early sleek global (c.1500-1770), the age of revolutions (c.1770-1914), and the 20th century (from 1914). each one half opens with a two-spread advent that highlights the most issues of the time and descriptions global traits and advancements. Following the advent, person spreads every one study a selected zone over a distinctive interval, complemented by means of certain maps, illustrations, and tables.

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THE GROWTH OF EGYPTIAN TRADE In search of building materials, gold and luxury items, the pharaohs established a wide trade network. During the Old Kingdom period links were forged with many areas of West Asia, including Byblos on the Lebanese coast, predominantly in a search for timber, and expeditions were sent to mine turquoise, copper and malachite in the Sinai Desert. The Eastern Desert yielded copper and stone and gave access to the harbours on the Red Sea, from where trade with East Africa and Arabia was conducted.

THE RISE OF THE SHANG CIVILIZATION Around 1700 BC the Shang civilization emerged as a powerful new state in the northern plains of China. It is known from later historical sources, from magnificent archaeological remains of cities and great tombs, and from written inscriptions carved on oracle bones and cast on splendid ritual bronze vessels. Bronze-working was important to Shang culture and to many other peoples in China, and several different traditions can be recognized (map 2). However, it is the use of writing that sets the Shang civilization apart: although ideographic pictograms were used as potters' marks as early as the 3rd millennium BC, the Shang inscriptions provide the first evidence of the development of a literate civilization in China.

ATLAS OF W O R L D HISTORY: PART 1 Irrigation played an important role in South American agriculture, and water control was well developed during the Chavin period (1200-200 BC), when a series of canals was skilfully used to provide awe-inspiring sound effects in the great ceremonial centre of Chavin de Huantar. Later civilizations in the Andean region employed a variety of different techniques appropriate to local conditions. The Moche supplemented perennial and seasonal watercourses by creating a network of canals (B).

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