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Astronomy with your Personal Computer by Peter Duffett-Smith

By Peter Duffett-Smith

The 1st version of this very winning ebook was once a winner of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's "Astronomy publication of the 12 months" award in 1986. the recognition of the book's courses is predicated at the ease with which the beginner astronomer can practice calculations on a private computing device. The workouts aren't particular to any make of computing device and are user-oriented in that they make the most of an easy model of the elemental programming language and require just a large knowing of any specific challenge. Seven new subroutines during this new version will be associated in any blend with the prevailing twenty-six. because the courses themselves look after info, they are often used, for instance, to calculate the time of emerging of any of the planets in any a part of the area at any time sooner or later or earlier, or they are used to discover the circumference of the following sun eclipse noticeable from a selected position. in reality, virtually each challenge more likely to be encountered through the beginner astronomer could be solved via an appropriate mixture of the exercises given during this booklet. Peter Duffett-Smith is the writer of one other renowned astronomy booklet: Astronomy together with your Calculator (3rd Edition), additionally released by means of Cambridge collage Press.

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145 150 155 GOSUB 1300 IF ER(1)=1 THEN GOTO 230 IF SW(2)=1 THEN GOTO 200 160 Display results for sidereal to local 180 Extra error message if ambiguous conversion Print it if error flag was set to 1 160 165 170 175 180 Q$="Greenwich sidereal time (H,M,S) .... " PRINT Q$+SG$ Q$="Universal time (H,M,S) " PRINT Q$+UT$ Q$="** may be in error by up to 4 minutes ** 185 190 195 IF ER(2)=1 THEN PRINT Q$ Q$="Local civil time (H,M,S) PRINT Q$+TL$ : GOTO 230 200 205 210 215 220 225 Q$="Universal time (H,M,S) " PRINT Q$+UT$ Q$="Greenwich sidereal time (H,M,S) ....

00 Friday Again (Y or N) ? Y Convert calendar date (Y or N) ... N Convert Julian date (Y or N) ? Y Modified JD (Y or N) ? ) .... and time (H M S) Day of the week ? 00 Thursday Again (Y or N) ? Y Convert calendar date (Y or N) ... ) ... 1,11,0 ** no year zero ** *** impossible date Again (Y or N) 28 ? N 1300 TIME This routine converts a given local civil time into the local sidereal time and vice-versa, also calculating Universal Time and Greenwich sidereal time. The basis of all civil timekeeping on the Earth is Universal time, UT.

160 Use YESNO to find out 175 SW is local switch to indicate direction 180 Jump to end if neither direction 185 Get the hour angle... 185 190 Q$ = "Hour angle (H,M,S) GOTO 200 195 200 . . or the right ascension... . convert to hours with MINSEC... 195 200 205 Q$="Right ascension (H,M,S) PRINT : PRINT Q$ ; : INPUT XD,XM,XS SW(1)=-1 : GOSUB 1000 210 215 . . a n d call HRANG Print results in H ,M, S form . 230 . . neatly 210 215 220 225 230 GOSUB 1600 : X=P : SW(1)=1 : NC=9 : GOSUB 1000 Q$="Right ascension (H,M,S) IF SW=-1 THEN GOTO 230 Q$="Hour angle (H,M,S) PRINT Q$+" "+MID$(OP$,4,12) 46 1600 HRANG 235 240 Another conversion ?

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