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Aspect of Modern Logic by Evert W. Beth (auth.)

By Evert W. Beth (auth.)

It is usual to contemplate a space of technological know-how as a method of actual or sup­ posed truths which not just continually extends itself, but additionally wishes periodical revision and as a result checks the creative capability of every new release of students anew. It sounds hugely fantastic technological know-how at one time will be accomplished, that at that time inside its scope there will be no difficulties left to resolve. certainly, the answer of a systematic challenge unavoidably increases new questions, in order that our eagerness for wisdom won't ever locate lasting pride. however there's one technology which turns out to shape an exception to this rule, formal good judgment, the speculation of rigorous argumentation. it kind of feels to have reached the fitting endpoint of each clinical aspiration already very presently after its inception; utilizing the paintings of a few predecessors, Aristotle, or so it's at the very least assumed through many, has introduced this department of technological know-how as soon as and for all to a end. after all this does not sound that fantastic. We it sounds as if be aware of what rigorous argumentation is; another way a number of sciences, specifically natural arithmetic, will be thoroughly most unlikely. And if we all know what rigorous argumentation is, then it can't be tricky to track as soon as and for the entire principles which govern it. the original topic of formal common sense might consequently entail that this technology, in variance with the rule of thumb which holds for all different sciences, has been in a position to achieve finishing touch at a undeniable aspect in history.

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Can arbitrarily be assigned as true or false; U -+ V is true, if U is false or V true; U -+ V is false, if U is true and V false. We now introduce sequents KIL, or 26 ASPECTS OF MODERN LOGIC True False K L True False Such a sequent expresses a truth-value problem: is it possible to assign the truth-values of the atoms A, B, C, ... •• Um), become true, and all formulas in L, or (V1' V2 ,· •• , v,,) become false? If the answer to this question is negative, then we will designate the sequent K/L as valid.

On the other hand, even though it is not closed, the tableau in question cannot possibly yield a suitable counterexample, as otherwise the deduction of Z from K would not be sound. Briefly said; 5. If a sound deduction of Z from K is possible, but only on account of an appeal to intuitive (or other non-logical) considerations, then the semantic tableau for the sequent K/Z cannot be closed, but neither can it yield a suitable counterexample. One can, however, also prove: 6. A non-closed semantic tableau for the sequent K/Z always yields a suitable counterexample in proof of the fact that a sound deduction of Z from K is not possible.

To be able to convert a closed semantic tableau into a natural deduction all the time, we apparently have to take care that in such a tableau a similar 'supplanting' takes place. On the other hand, however, we have to prevent this 'supplanting' from forming an obstacle to a possible closure of certain subtableaux. Therefore we will have to 'store' a formula which is being 'supplanted' in some way or another (and that is, of course, only possible in the left-hand column) in such a way that we can 'restore' the supplanted formula to the right hand column later, if so desired.

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