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Argument Structure:: Representation and Theory by James B. Freeman

By James B. Freeman

This monograph provides a style of diagramming argument macrostructure, synthesizing the normal circle and arrow process with the Toulmin version. A theoretical justification of this system via a dialectical realizing of argument, a severe exam of Toulmin on warrants, and a radical dialogue of the linked-convergent contrast follows. dialogue contains attention of different understandings of argument constitution and its illustration provided in Wigmore’s chart strategy, Pollock’s inference graphs, and the pragma-dialectical method of argumentation. An account of the right kind reconstruction of enthymemes and matters on the border of structural research as opposed to review of arguments finish the book.

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P1 unless R1 • • 1 An Approach to Argument Macrostructure • 24 Pn unless U1 • • • • • • Rm Uk presumably C Fig. 25 This representation seems well motivated. Rebuttals present evidence against the conclusion, while undercutters present evidence against the step from premises to conclusion. Furthermore, the two box representation adopts Pollock’s approach to representing rebutting versus undercutting defeaters in (2008) in his method of inference graphs. ) We believe this complication is unnecessary and might ultimately complicate or render less perspicuous our diagramming procedure.

Wilson and her daughter had a reconciliation, the fact is that ➀ Mrs. Wilson’s will leaves all her estate to charity. Therefore ➁ her daughter has no share in her estate. Here the proponent is asking us to rethink or reconsider the positive argument in light of both the positive and negative evidence bearing on the conclusion. Govier in (1985) calls such defeaters counter-considerations and introduces a way of representing them through wavy arrows (See Fig. ). Fig. 29 R 1 2 However, I believe such counter-considerations can be represented more perspicuously.

Most telling of all, most of the bills stolen were stored in his garage. It looks like the prosecutor has a good case, but the defense attorney now introduces the testimony of witnesses who will swear to having seen and recognized the defendant at another place at the time bank video equipment indicates that the robbery occurred. This evidence constitutes a rebutting defeater to the prosecutor’s argument. Contrast this with the following situation: A prosecution witness testifies that she saw the accused enter a certain house on the evening the house was burgled.

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