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Anton Pannekoek and the Socialism of Workers’ Self by John P. Gerber

By John P. Gerber

Booklet through Gerber, John P.

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An equally important source of influence on her socialism came from William Morris, whom her husband had known, and whose work she began to translate. From Morris, she acquired the vision of a world organized on the basis of human fellowship and fulfillment in creative labor. For Roland Holst, socialis m signified a ' re-unification of the ideal and social reality', the coming of a new era in which ' thought, contemplation, action, and life are brought to unity in the existence of the individual' through a new organizing principle of society.

4° For Pannekoek, there were no doubts that Marxism was a science, but a science founded on the new theoretical object of social practice. There could be no such thing as deriving social theory either from, or by analogy with, physical processes, or conversely, by reading social laws of development into nature. Nor was there any similarity between theory and practice in historical materialism and hypothesis and experiment in the physical sciences. Theory functioned not to unravel the laws of nature or the mystery of the universe, but to provide new levels of historical con­ sciousness for a developing revolutionary workers' movement.

From this point of departure, Dietz­ gen developed his system along five main lines: a theory of knowledge and cognition; a theory of philosophy and its dissolution; a theory ofscience and its formation; a theory of'proletarian logic ' ; and a theory of' practical ethics ' . The most original characteristic of Dietzgen' s philosophy was his at­ tempt to develop a scientific and materialistic theory of understanding. The human thought process , he felt, was as accessible to scientific analysis and elaboration as any other natural or social process : 'If we could place this general work of thinking on a scientific basis, ( .

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