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Anthony Horowitz (Who Wrote That?) by Dennis Abrams

By Dennis Abrams

Profiles the existence and occupation of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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In just a few lines, Anthony is able to draw a marvelous portrait of a thoroughly repulsive woman. Note his use of humor and iteration—in this case, a list of words beginning with the same letter, the letter “f ”. She was one of the ugliest women Tad had ever seen. For a start, she was so fat that the caravan rocked when she moved. Her legs, swatched in black stockings, were thin at the ankles but thicker than tree-trunks by the time they appeared into her massive, exploding bottom. She had arms like hams in a butcher’s shop and as for her face, it was so fat that it seemed to have swallowed itself.

Late one night, while listening in on a card game between Granny and four of her friends, Joe learns the terrible truth about how these old grannies really feel about young people. ” the vulture granny moaned. ” Granny Smith said. “I hate their perfect skin. It’s all pink and shiny and smooth. I hate their hair, so thick and wavy. ” She gazed at her own on the table in front of her. “Do you know where children keep their teeth? In their mouths! ” “I hate children because they’re so healthy,” Granny Anne went on.

And 127 million light years away, a star that had been burning white suddenly glowed green, just for a few seconds, before burning white again. But Thomas Arnold David Spencer hadn’t seen it. He was already asleep. (The Switch 17–18) Of course, many writers make use of their own lives in their fictions. And the Spencer family is a sketch, or a quick satire of Anthony’s family. A rich, distant businessman father. A bored socialite mother. And a spoiled overweight FINDING HIS VOICE son whose favorite authors are Shakespeare and Dickens.

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