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Animal Sciences. Per-Zoo by Allan B. Cobb

By Allan B. Cobb

This encyclopedia set, a part of the Macmillan technological know-how Library sequence, is designed to deal with middle-school scholars via university undergraduates. The paintings comprises nearly three hundred signed entries on quite a few themes in relation to animal technology, together with animal improvement, features, habit, ecology, and evolution.The connection among animals and people is additionally explored in entries comparable to Animal trying out, Apiculture, and family animals. additionally incorporated are biographies of famous scientists who've made ''significant contributions'' to the sphere (for example,Henry Walter Bates, Rachel Carson, Gregor Mendel) in addition to introductions to occupation possibilities within the similar disciplines. Articles seem in alphabetical order and diversity in size from numerous paragraphs to a number of pages. All are observed via see additionally references and additional analyzing feedback (including net sites). each one quantity starts with a whole desk of contents, a geological time scale, 5- and six-kingdom class comparisons, a phylogenetic tree of lifestyles, and a chart of measurements, abbreviations, and conversions. every one concludes with a subject outline,an index (volume four includes a cumulative index), and a 600-plus-word word list.

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A type section is a place that is considered to be the first discovered well-defined area in which evidence of a time-period shift, or difference between plant and animal communities, can be observed. In short, it is the first discovery of some important geological event characterized by a change in the kinds of species and populations of plant and animal fossils. Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) was a British geologist who opposed the catastrophic theory advanced at the time to account for great geologic changes.

Some radioactive waste still remains from the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the 1940s and 1950s. The two most common radioactive materials found in water are strontium90 and radium-226. Oil. Oil pollution can enter water through bilge flushing, from accidental or deliberate discharge from ships, or from accidental spills of crude oil during transport. 5 million tons of oil are spilled into the oceans each year. Water polluted by oil greatly damages aquatic life and other wildlife such as birds that depend on the water for food and nesting areas.

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