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Alpha Force: Blood Money by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Target: physique Snatchers

Alpha strength are a crack staff devoted to scuffling with injustice world wide. whereas in southern India they study of the becoming exchange in organ transplants from dwelling donors. With lives at the line and massive cash to be made, the call for for organs is pressing - and there are humans ready to visit severe lengths to get them. while a tender lady is snatched, Alpha strength needs to use all their surveillance abilities to find her - ahead of the surgeons get to paintings . . .

A taut mystery within the Alpha strength sequence, from the bestselling writer and ex-SAS hero Chris Ryan.

Includes Chris's most sensible SAS pointers on road surveillance.

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And now a small building site stood a hundred metres from the shrine. Four pallets of plastic-wrapped breeze blocks surrounded a concrete slab they had laid that morning to become the foundations. A small wooden hut like a garden shed formed a tool store. Scaffolding poles lay ready to be assembled. Alex felt pleased as he looked at it: their efforts in the adventure race had bought building materials and plans and paid for a foreman. Alpha Force would provide most of the labour and the villagers would join in when they could.

It turned the sandy ground into slippery mud. Their clothes were soaked in seconds. Alex tried heaving the tarpaulin up onto a wall, but the rain held it down and lashed his face like a thousand nails. It was like trying to climb a waterfall. Amber bashed the underside of the tarpaulin to tip out the water that had collected, but it just filled up again. The rain was so heavy she could scarcely see and the tarpaulin kept slipping, but she persevered. They had to cover the walls or the wet mortar would be washed away.

To his logical brain, Bina’s explanation did not compute. ‘What do you reckon, Alex? How did they make that snake stay there? ’ It was Amber, carrying a water bucket, who answered. ’ She tweaked his ear with her free hand. ‘I wasn’t asking you,’ said Hex, and poked her with a stick. ‘Well, it must be like what snake charmers do,’ said Amber. She twirled her fingers in front of Hex’s face like a stage magician. ‘Trust in me,’ she began to sing softly. Hex pulled a face. ’ teased Amber. Hex hissed back at her.

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