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Alli's Well in Wordishure by Mick McArt

By Mick McArt

Allison desires to shock the farmer's of Squintville with a new good. The valuable little woman discovers greater than she ever suggestion attainable the deeper she digs.

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Afterward, they would gather the buckets and walk back to the village well to refill them. Along the way, they would discuss what Alli had learned from the reading. But today was different. Alli had decided to dig a new well next to the Psalm tree. She thought it would ease her mother’s burdens and make it easier to refresh the farmers more often. Alli stood up, pulled her long blonde hair back into a pony tail, and picked up a shovel that the farmers had left behind. She put on her tattered pair of gardening gloves; which, matched her faded tan work dress.

These projects include Mick Art Productions Publishing (to help get more Christian work into print), a Christian Art Festival, and MichWriter - the Christian authors writing guild. com. Would you like to help this children's ministry? Please pray and ask God for his blessings upon it. Also, please be sure to write a quick review online. This will help Tales of Wordishure make it onto recommendation lists.

As Preston began to lead them in prayer, Alli heard the sound of the rock being shifted from the dirt. The three looked over and saw Doubting Tommy trying to lift the rock. They prayed more intensely for him as he struggled with the heavy weight. ” The burden suddenly seemed lighter than before. Slowly, the large stone shifted position and was lifted from its place. A small geyser of water came up from underneath and started filling the well. A cheer from above erupted, as the helpers who arrived saw the wonderful change that had taken place in Doubting Tommy, and also because of the water he had found.

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