Ages in Chaos by Immanuel Velikovsky

By Immanuel Velikovsky

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The primary error can be found in Egyptian history; because of retardation, the history of Egypt was taken out of real contact with the histories* of other peoples. Events in which tho people of Kj^ypt and the people of Assyria or Babylonia or Media were involved wens recorded in the histories of these peoples from the Kjjyptiun annuls; the same events were then described for the second timo in the* history of Egypt, the annals of these other peoples, participants in tho events, being the source.

Even 4 . , quotation is from the Song of Deborah, one of the oldest fragments inserted in the Scriptures. The pious imagination conceives these utterances to be only metaphorie. Critical analysis likewise sees in them but the expression of an effusive ecstasy. Was there no real experience of any kiwi to which the metaphors eould apply? Is the following a description of the cluumcls of and ebb in the salt marshes in Egypt: waters were seen, and the foundations of the world were dis* flood 'Psalms 18:7-8, 15.

205&; Journal of Egyp- tian Archaeology, X (1924), 82f. AGES IN CHAOS 16 Mediterranean or the Red Sea A or, of course, the inland seas (lakes). more plausible explanation would therefore omit the tides and with the storm. Some of the chariots of die pursuing Egyptians sank in the sea when its billows broke over the shore. content l itself Then the Israelites sang their song of deliverance, or received the inspiration out of which the exaggerated picture of the catastrophe was later born. How could it be otherwise than exaggerated when the annals of Egypt know nothing about the sea engulfing a king and his chariots, while the descendants of the fugitives from royal bondage glorified themselves with a story of a miraculous storm un- witnessed by the Egyptians?

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