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Advances in Spacecraft Technologies by Jason Hall

By Jason Hall

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Two highly significant planet-centred solar sail applications have been identified which do not require, but may in-practise desire, active sail control and hence do not require an agile Solar Sailing: Applications and Technology Advancement 41 sail; these are the GeoSail concept (Leipold et al, 2010; Macdonald & McInnes, 2000; Macdonald et al, 2007a) and the Mercury Sun-Synchronous Orbiter (Leipold et al, 1996a, 1996b). These two solar sail mission concepts are very similar, both using a solar sail with fixed attitude to independently vary a single orbit parameter due to the orbits shape and alignment with the primary body, and the alignment to the Sun, creating a non-inertial orbit.

The first experimental verification of the existence of radiation pressure and the verification of Maxwell's results came in 1900. At the University of Moscow, Peter Lebedew succeeded in isolating radiation pressure using a series of torsion balance experiments (Lebedew, 1902). Nichols and Hull at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, obtained independent verification in 1901 (Nichols & Hull, 1901, 1903). Around this period a number of science fiction authors wrote of spaceships propelled by mirrors, notably the French authors Faure and Graffigny in 1889.

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