Advances in Pharmacology, Vol. 39 by J. Thomas August, M. W. Anders, Ferid Murad, Joseph T. Coyle

By J. Thomas August, M. W. Anders, Ferid Murad, Joseph T. Coyle

Each one quantity of Advances in Pharmacology offers a wealthy choice of reports on well timed themes. Emphasis is put on the molecular bases of drug motion, either utilized and experimental.

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Mucosal Vaccines

This complete, authoritative treatise covers all elements of mucosal vaccines together with their improvement, mechanisms of motion, molecular/cellular features, and functional purposes. The contributing authors and editors of this extraordinary publication are rather well identified of their respective fields. Mucosal Vaccines is geared up in a different structure during which easy, medical, and functional points of the mucosal immune procedure for vaccine improvement are defined and mentioned.

Gesund oder krank: Das Immunsystem entscheidet

Jeder Mensch verfügt über ein leistungsfähiges Immunsystem, das ihn sicher durch die ständig lauernden Gesundheitsgefahren der Umgebung leitet. Entgleist diese körpereigene Abwehr oder läßt ihre Einsatzfreude nach, wird der Mensch krank. Arnold Hilgers und Inge Hofmann zeigen, wie die moderne Medizin die Geheimnisse und tips dieser inneren Schutztruppen entschlüsselt hat und vielen Feinden des Immunsystems auf die Schliche gekommen ist.

ELISA: Methods and Protocols

This quantity is a pragmatic biochemical advisor to the Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), used to notice a aim substance in a liquid pattern. The ELISA is a vital and time-honored diagnostic instrument in medication, animal health and wellbeing, botany and caliber coverage approaches in nutrition and beverage construction.

The Immune Synapse: Methods and Protocols

This quantity presents all of the crucial protocols which are at present used to review the immune synapse. Chapters within the Immune Synapse: tools and Protocols hide tools for the research of the dynamics of immune synapse meeting, site visitors on the immune synapse, new excessive solution imaging, biophysical and computational equipment for the examine of the immune synapse, effector immune synapses, B mobile, NK and mast cellphone immune synapses, and immune interactions in vivo.

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One of the earliest observations made about MMTV was that pregnancy or glucocorticoids and progesterone dramatically increased viral transcription and, as a consequence, virus production, as much as SO-fold (Bittner, 1958). The progestin/glucocorticoid receptor antagonist RU486 inhibits this induction. The DNA sequences controlling the hormone responsiveness, termed the glucocorticoid response elements (GRE),are responsible for the upregulation of virus production that occurs during lactation, when glucocorticoid and progesterone levels are elevated (Yamamoto, 1985) (Fig.

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