Advances in Genetics, Vol. 49 by Jeffrey C. Hall

By Jeffrey C. Hall

The sector of genetics is quickly evolving and new clinical breakthroughs are happening because of advances in wisdom of genetics. This sequence regularly publishes vital reports of the broadest curiosity to geneticists and their colleagues in affiliated disciplines. the sector of genetics is quickly evolving and new scientific breakthroughs are happening due to advances in wisdom of genetics. This sequence consistently publishes very important studies of the broadest curiosity to geneticists and their colleagues in affiliated disciplines.

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NEUROPEPTIDE RECEPTORS A. Overview Neuropeptides and peptide hormones signal primarily via G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). These receptors define a large gene family (Bockaert and Pin, 1999) that provides sensitivity to a variety of environmental, developmental, and physiological signals. , 1998) permit the use of sequence analysis to identify and classify those devoted to (for example) peptide hormones and neuropeptide ligands (‘‘peptide GPCRs’’). In a review, Brody and Cravchik (2000) began the process of categorizing Drosophila GPCRs by describing some 100 genes, including 21 receptors for classic neurotransmitters and neuromodulators (biogenic amines, related compounds, and purines) and 26–30 peptide GPCRs.

1999), and at least some of these interactions are conserved. With respect to non-peptide-releasing factors, Aizono et al. (1997) demonstrated muscarinic receptor immunosignals on prothoracicotropic hormone (PTTH)-expressing neuronal cell bodies of the silkworm. , 1995). These data are consistent with the hypothesis that muscarinic input may regulate PTTH and/or other neuropeptide release by brain peptidergic neurons. Similarly, Richter et al. (2000) observed a releasing effect of melatonin on PTTH activity in the cockroach brain.

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