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A Vertical Empire: History of the British Rocketry Programme by C. N. Hill

By C. N. Hill

A Vertical Empire presents an outline of the British rocketry and house programme from the Fifties to Seventies, detailing the Medium variety Ballistic Missile Blue Streak and its conversion to a satellite tv for pc launcher as a part of the ecu Launcher improvement agency (ELDO). This largely revised moment variation comprises fabric simply made on hand some time past ten years and the textual content is supplemented through a variety of pictures, sketches and statistics. The all-British satellite tv for pc Black Arrow is defined, in addition to the learn rocket Black Knight, the Blue metal missile and the rocket powered interceptor plane.

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0, an increase of more than seventeen fold. At a very rough estimate, multiply by twenty. Thus, Black Prince at £35 million could be obtained for the price of the Millennium Dome! It can be argued that inflation with regard to defence projects has been higher. The cost of deploying Blue Streak was put at perhaps £600 million, or perhaps £20 billion in today’s currency. On the other hand, the cost of replacing the present Trident system is put at somewhere around £80 billion over twenty years. 1 R.

45 Rocket Motors The estimated payloads for each variant was calculated as being: Version Launch mass a b c 1 17,280 lb 88 lb 18 lb 56 lb 2 20,000 lb 102 lb 56 lb 76 lb 3 32,000 lb 324 lb 169 lb 248 lb 4 40,000 lb 377 lb 187 lb 289 lb Versions 1 and 2 are really non-starters. Versions 3 and 4 are, on the face of it, fairly promising. However, the first stage of version 4 is in effect Black Arrow. Developing Black Arrow, where the intention was to keep the cost down by using as much Black Knight technology as possible, stretched the budget.

Design study 1957. • the Black Knight research ballistic rocket. More than 25 built; 22 flown. Inception 1955, first flight 1958, last flight 1965. • the design brochure for Black Prince (see Chapter 8) 1960. • a design brochure for a liquid hydrogen stage for the Blue Streak satellite launcher (1961). • the Black Arrow satellite launcher. Five vehicles built, four launched. Inception 1963, first flight 1969, last flight 1971. • the SRN-1, Britain’s first hovercraft. Indeed, the firm for some years was known as the British Hovercraft Corporation, developing and building all the British hovercraft.

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