A Progression Relation in the Molecular Spectrum of Oxygen by Wulf O.R.

By Wulf O.R.

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Max 202 298 3000 110 290 120 EtOH 217 108 C6H 12 278 55 Not given 282 41 MeOH 292 252 MeOH 222 295 93 1 121 t-BuOH 118 CfYI4 Solvent 95% EtOH 0 0&o&c 290 298 635 15. The photochemistry of enones states of simple carbonyl compounds guarantees that the lowest-energy triplet state T, is indeed the %,a* state, as is borne out by phosphorescence and S,,-+T, absorption measurements at low temperatures. For conjugated a, fl-enones, the energies of the triplet n, n* and n,n* states are very similar, so that either one may become the T,state, depending on substituents and the solvent.

LUMO HOMO +4 -tt hu 1% + + +-I-U +-I- -#- Ground State Singlet Excited State Triplet Excited State SO (a Sl Tl (b) (C 1 FIGURE 1. Orbital description of ground state and singlet and triplet electronic excited states. Reproduced by permission of Academic Press, Inc. from Ref. 10 626 David I. Schuster Vibrational Relaxation FIGURE 2. Modified Jablonski diagram. Reproduced by permission of Academic Press, Inc. from Ref. 10 Using standard, relatively low-intensity UV light sources, the probability that a molecule might simultaneously absorb two quanta of light of a given frequency is remote.

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