A History of Egypt under Roman Rule by J. Grafton Milne

By J. Grafton Milne

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A. ( ) He was naturally received in great state by the Alexandrians, who had not been favoured with the sight of a Roman emperor since the departure of 1(>)S after his conquest, and must have felt how greatly the position of their city was changed from that which it held in the days when it was the home So Vespasian found himself of the kings of Egypt. A blind man, and one with a treated as a god. withered hand, came to him to be healed, in accordance with advice which they said they had received from Sarapis and the report went abroad that he succeeded in restoring them, the one by spitting upon his eyelids, the other by trampling upon him.

114 of self-government. Arsinoe/ > Ilerakleopolis/ ) 115 ) ^ lli ^ are known and Hermopolis/ Oxyrhynchos r but instances, a archons in the office doubtless every other metropolis of At Thebes H7 also there were the time of Hadrian in this case, however, nome had its senate. ( ) ; was probably a one, religious hereditary, and the political importance of the second century was extremely small. as it was Thebes in 25. So far as can be ascertained from the scanty evidence, the reorganisation of Egypt, which took place at the end of the third century, under Diocletian, effected more change in the titles than in the actual duties of the officials concerned in the government.

Likely to Alexandria: Ruins of the Gymnasium. ) (Ainslio, Views have any great weight with Caligula in in the actual decision of the case, as the riots had "arisen over the question of his own deification, and the had been punished ii. The Jews for opposing his wishes. precautions tal^en tion of Flaccus serve to ^ in effecting the deporta- the strong position held by a prefect of Egypt. JA centurion "was specially despatched from Rome wijth a cohort of soldiers, and, on approaching Alexandria], waited till night fell before sjhow JEWISH REPRISALS He then hurried to suprise the prefect before any news of the arrival of the Roman vessel could reach him, arrested him at a supper party, he entered the harbour.

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