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A Critical Introduction to the Philosophy of Gottlob Frege by Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

By Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

Gottlob Frege is likely one of the maximum logicians ever and in addition a thinker of significant value. during this e-book Rosado Haddock bargains a serious presentation of the most subject matters of Frege's philosophy, together with, between others, his philosophy of mathematics, his sense-referent contrast, his contrast among functionality and item, and his criticisms of formalism and psychologism. greater than simply an advent to Frege's philosophy this publication can also be a hugely serious and mature evaluation of it as a complete during which the restrictions, confusions and different weaknesses of Frege's inspiration are heavily tested. the writer is additionally a Husserlian pupil and this ebook includes helpful discussions of Husserl's ignored perspectives and comparisons among the 2 nice philosophers.

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Der Gedanke’, 1918, reprinted in Kleine Schriften, pp. 342-62, especially p. 360. 59 Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik, section 26, p. 40. 60 Ibid. 61 Ibid. 62 Ibid. This is a recurrent Fregean argument, though it would strictly apply only against subjectivists, or individual relativists, in case philosophers of such a sort existed. Moreover, they would most probably not care. See on this issue the discussion below in this same section, as well as that of psychologism in logic in Chapter 6. 63 Ibid.

Hence, adds Frege,55 it does not seem clear how it is that a language has a word expressing a property that cannot serve to determine an object more precisely. On the other hand, adds Frege,56 if the word ‘one’ expressed a property in the same sense in which the word ‘wise’ does, then it could be used as a predicate. However, though we can very well understand what is meant by the statement ‘Plato was wise’, ‘Plato was one’ is not understandable when standing alone. Moreover, though from the statements ‘Plato was wise’ and ‘Aristotle was wise’ we can build the statement ‘Plato and Aristotle were wise’, even if ‘Plato is one’ and ‘Aristotle is one’ were intelligible, we could not say ‘Plato and Aristotle were ones’.

Thus, for example, both the sequence of odd numbers and that of prime numbers are not closed under addition. Hence, such structures order-isomorphic to the arithmetic of natural numbers are not exactly similar to the latter with respect to other structural properties. Moreover, even the sequence of negative integers is in some sense similar to that of the positive integers, being a sort of mirror image of the latter. However, the sequence of negative integers is not closed under 35 ‘Über Sinn und Bedeutung’, pp.

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