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Manga Math Mysteries 5: The Ancient Formula: A Mystery With by Melinda Thielbar, Tintin Pantoja

By Melinda Thielbar, Tintin Pantoja

"A puzzle from Sifu's grandfather has every person stumped. A circle divided into wedges exhibits a part of the formulation for an historical drugs. yet a few wedges?and one other circle?are clean, and not anyone is familiar with how the unique formulation disappeared! pleasure, Adam, Amy, and Sam should use clues--and fractions?to become aware of the reality about... the traditional formulation"

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She is. But when she left, she looked like she was scared of you. She was. Miranda saw that I was not only strong, but I had Sigung and you My not kids with me. even for grandfather asked Miranda She wouldn’t something fight to leave she’d me-because she wanted was a for so bully. long. What if she comes back? Won’t she try to steal the formula again? 44 She won’t. We’ll make sure of that. The Next Day. Yes, Sifu! Do you all have your notebooks? And I’m glad you three could join us too. Sam is right.

31 Sifu, I’ve never seen Sigung that angry before. is it because he thinks Miranda stole from Sifu Leung? Yes, Sifu. That’s only part of it, Amy. Miranda was one of my grandfather’s first students. 32 Her kung fu was excellent-- --but her control was terrible. She hit everyone too hard. Even Sigung? Especially Sigung. My grandfather tried to teach her to spar safely. She couldn’t learn. Soon after she left, my grandfather discovered that the disk was missing. The Clock got a new face, but the formula was lost.

Oh! 39 Give it to me! I mean ... you should be careful ... or you’ll get it messed up. This is what you wanted the whole time! What’s this? 40 I bet the other side looks like the clockface. That’s what Sifu’s grandfather Both meant by this stories are puzzle. true. There are two disks. The formula wasn’t broken into eighths. it was broken into sixteenths. There were always two disks. There were 2 disks. Each had 8 parts of the formula. So there were 16 parts total. One disk was split into 8 pieces.

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