2006-0606.IEEE 802.16e WiMAX OFDMA Signal Measurements and

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After selecting a manual measurement region with a length of 4 symbols and an offset of 0 symbols, the timing diagram reflects the actual measurement interval and offsets in seconds. 234 mSec). 56 Advanced Digital Demodulation (continued) The analyzer display will now reflect only the first 4 symbols in the subframe, and from the map file you can see that these 4 symbols include the FCH, UL Map, DL map, and a portion of burst 1. Therefore, the only symbols shown in the constellation are either BPSK or QPSK.

A uniform 64QAM uplink signal, correctly demodulated after Data Burst Analysis is switched off. The analyzer automatically detects the single type of data modulation. 37 Basic Digital Demodulation (continued) For the analyzer or a receiver, demodulating uplink subframes may be a challenge for several reasons. First, the lack of timing, frequency synchronization, and equalization information that might be provided by a preamble requires more complicated synchronization algorithms, with receivers assuming specific pilot locations and values.

Click OK and Close, as needed, to return to the display of the OFDMA Demodulation Properties dialog box, selecting Yes when asked if you want to reload i80216e_10MHz. Click burst 2 to select only the newly-defined burst for analysis. Figure 25. Data burst analysis of a portion of the original burst 2. The error vector time (lower left) trace shows that only 3 symbols are measured, and the error vector spectrum (upper right) shows the sparse OFDM subcarrier population representing the one measured logical subchannel.

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