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101 Amazing Mythical Beasts and Legendary Creatures by Jack Goldstein

By Jack Goldstein

Do you know Hippogriff is supposedly the offspring of a horse and a griffin? Or Greek Sphinx in general has a male face, while an Egyptian one has a feminine visage? the place does the Skunk Ape roam, and the way are you able to spot a Kitsune in human shape? Is Slenderman the main scary legendary creature, or is that honour bestowed at the fearsome Gashadokuro? This brilliant e-book comprises info of over 100 legendary beasts and mythical creatures, organised into different types for simple reference. no matter if you have an interest within the beasts of anyplace from historic Greece to modern day Africa, this is often the booklet for you!

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90. Kelpie: usually appearing as a horse (but in fact able to take on the form of a man or woman), this creature is a common water spirit inhabiting lochs and pools of water in Scotland. Similar to a Ceffyl Dŵr, they are said to be mischievous but rarely dangerous to humans (although, like its Welsh counterpart, you shouldn’t approach one in case it tramples you to death, devours your carcass and throws your entrails to the water’s edge). One question people often ask is how you can tell a Kelpie from a normal horse; the best way to do this is to look at the hooves - a Kelpie’s are backwards!

87. Leprechaun: around the height of a small child, with a red beard and clothed in a green suit (although in older days the suit was said to be red), a Leprechaun spends his days making shoes. He is a magical creature who hides his coins in a pot of gold which is stored at the end of a rainbow. When a ladder falls over, a toe is stubbed or another ‘unlucky’ event occurs, it is actually the fault of the Leprechaun, who loves to play practical jokes on us. If you catch a Leprechaun however, he will grant you three wishes in exchange for his release - although choose wisely, as things don’t always turn out the way you plan...

76. Hydra: specifically the Lernaean Hydra referred to in the labours of Heracles, this monster had multiple heads, of which should one be cut off, two would grow in its place. With such poisonous breath and blood that even its tracks could kill, the serpent-like creature guarded an entrance to the underworld. It was only defeated when Heracles realised that if he burned the stump of a neck after cutting off a head, none would grow back. Despite a giant crab being sent to get in his way (which the hero stomped to death), Heracles eventually managed to cut off all of the Hydra’s heads.

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