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Twisted Journeys 2: Escape from Pyramid X (Graphic Universe) by Dan Jolley, Matt Wendt

By Dan Jolley, Matt Wendt

The mummies of Pyramid X are at the move--against you! how can you get away? each Twisted Journeys(tm) photograph novel helps you to regulate the motion through opting for which route to stick with. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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The whole room starts to descend, like a big elevator. It takes a few minutes before you come to rest. Then you find yourself in a long, narrow room with a beautiful solid gold sarcophagus at one end. It’s propped up, so you can see the lid. It looks like there’s a carving of a gorgeous Egyptian queen on it. Halfway between you and the sarcophagus there’s a doorway in one wall. It could be a way out. . 32 Go on to the next page. get out of You want nothing more than to ol . . here. But that coffin looks so co Will you .

But that coffin looks so co Will you . . . approach the sarcophagus for a better look? Tu rn to pa ge 36 . to escape this craziness? y tr d an ay w or do e th . . take r n to pa g e 10 3 . Tu 33 34 Turn to page 61. “I, uh . . ” “Fine,” the thief says. “Emil, you go back to your group and keep covering for us. ” You follow the thief into another room. The other men are in there, carrying boxes filled with gold through a door and up a narrow ramp to the outside. “Take that one and go after them,” the thief tells you.

Especially since, except for the queen, you’re in charge. THE END 60 e ever seen in the ’v u yo y m m u m o n This is like re. But then ce n si y tt re p s m e movies! He se really long time. a r fo d a e d n e e b ’s again, he Will you . . . try to think of some way to say “no” and still be polite? Tu rn to pa ge 93 . Amenhotep . . agree to show Prince n world? around the moder Tu r n to pa g e 8 5 . 61 62 Go on to the next page. You point at the two doorways at the back of the room. “Can we get out that way, Professor?

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